Sithonia, the heart of Halkidiki

Pure natural beauty, a traditional adherence to the tranquil pace of Mediterranean life, and a modern tourist infrastructure carrying with it the genuine qualities of hospitality and fine taste of the local people- these are the characteristics that distinguish Sithonia. Almost all of the local beaches have been awarded Blue Flags, ranging from Nikiti (1.8km from our villas), the area’s main administrative center, to Tristinika, Toroni, Porto Koufo, and Kalamitsi, as well as Sykia, Sarti, Vourvourou, Ormos Panagias and Agios Nikolaos. Sithonia’s coastline stretches for 200 kilometers and features stunning variations and contrasts of sand and pine. Don’t miss visiting the open street markets and tasting the delicious local products!


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Once a week, you can find products from local famers in the open market -laiki as called in Greek. The fresh produce is being sold by the farmers themselves and includes fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey and many more. By visiting the local market, you can meet the farmers, taste the products and support the local economy. In Nikiti, the market is open every Friday from 7.30-14.00 and is located on the road that leads to the old village.


From the land of Sithonia 10% of the inland production in honey is produced. The beekeeping association “Sithon” is one of the biggest in Europe and was established in 1952. The association in its 4000 square metres facilities produces a big variety of honey types, mainly flower honey and pine honey that overcomes 1000 tones, equalling with the 12-14 % of the annual Greek honey production. http://www.honeysithon.gr/en/


The Chalkidiki variety olives are cultivated in the Northern part of Greece, mainly in the region of central and western Chalkidiki and the western part of Kavala. Specific references to olive groves in Chalkidiki date back to 1415. The fruit of these trees were mainly used for the production of edible olives.



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